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Darwin’s Trail, Brazil

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On this horse riding holiday riders explore the inner depths of the Atlantic Rainforest (situated 120kms from Rio de Janeiro the city) following the footsteps of English naturalist Charles Darwin. Guests are mounted on exceptional Mangalarga Marchador horses which are Brazil’s national horse and are a gaited horse that are extremely fluid to ride and therefore allow the hours in the saddle to sweep past in comfort.

Riders will tip toe through the forest on trails that were built by the slaves in the logging days. The Atlantic forest is a magical and enchanting forest with its ancient trees that extend high into the forest canopy. There are 88 recognised waterfalls in this region of the Rio de Janeiro state so swimming togs are an essential item for the saddle bags and swimming becomes a welcome relief in the muggy heat of the forest.

The ride traverses through both primary and virgin rainforest where psychedelic coloured butterflies from electric blue winged butterflies to blood red winged butterflies tantalize you. Guests also ride through banana plots fat with fruit that can be picked and eaten without getting off your horse.

Riding on well-worn trails that have been stepped by slaves and Charles Darwin himself is an eerie and memorable experience.


time in saddle: 5 to 6 hours

breed of horses: home bred Mangalarga Marchador horses and Peruvian Paso horses

pace: moderate to fast

riding ability: suitable for intermediate to experienced riders

weight limit: maximum of 90kg accommodation varies from comfortable chalets at the riding centre to simple guest houses to a well appointed lodge

group size: minimum of 1 rider and maximum of 8 riders

2018 departure dates and rates

Stay tuned for our 2018 departure dates!

*The price includes accommodation, all meals and riding.

*Prices may be subject to change.


Accepted payment is by credit card only. There is a 2% surcharge on all credit card payments. Since you’ll be paying in a foreign currency, in this case USD, we believe paying via credit card is the most cost effective and easiest option for you.

Why is the price quoted in US dollars?

With our overseas riding destinations (rides other than in Australia), the currency is dictated by our partner in that country. Therefore due to fluctuating exchange rates we have to quote in the same currency.


Hear from your guide Paulo as to what he loves most about showing his home country to guests on horseback here.

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