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Category: Mongolia
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If you’re an intrepid traveller and thrive on a good adventure than Mongolia is the destination for you. It’s a country that’s still finding its feet in terms of tourism where itineraries don’t always go according to plan and spontaneity is the order of the day. That aside, horse enthusiasts will be swept up with the spirit of the wild-eyed Mongolian ponies, the far-reaching, infinite steppe and the thrill of roaming a country that is fence-free and horses are the main mode of transport.

Prepare to drink a lot of vodka, shout ‘Choo Choo’ to your dread-locked pony, stay in cozy, traditional Gers with your own fireplace and be swept off your feet with the hospitality of the Mongolian people.

Both the Khovsgol and Arhangay rides coincide with local Naadam Festivals, which is a must-see to truly appreciate the mind-blowing culture of the Mongolians. It’s a true highlight to watch child jockeys ride like centaurs across the steppe.


time in saddle: 4 -7 hours in the saddle a day (approximately 20 kilometres a day)

breed of horses: local Mongolian working ponies between 13 to 14hh

pace:  pace varies from a walk right through to a canter

riding ability: Beginner to Advanced. Beginner riders have to fit and have a lot of trail riding hours under their belt.

weight limit: maximum weight is 95kg

accommodation: The accommodation varies throughout the trip from home stays, Ger camps, camping and hotels.

seasons: June to September

group size: minimum of 3 guests and a maximum of 14 guests

2017 departure dates:

19 Day Khovsgol Horseback Trek with Naadam Festival and Reindeer People: June 28 to July 16 (summer Naadam), July 7 to July 25 (summer Naadam) – ELEVEN globetrotters booked, August 9 to 27 (Khatgal Naadam) – SEVEN globetrotters booked, August 15 to September 2 (Renchinlhumbe Naadam)

13 Day Arhangay Horseback Trek: July 2 to 14 (includes Naadam) – TWO globetrotters booked, July 6 to 18 (includes Naadam), July 22 to August 3, August 5 to 17.

Golden Eagle Festival (custom itinerary): September 26 to October 3, with possible extension of September 21 to 26 – ONE globetrotter booked

2017 ride prices:

Khovsgol Horseback Trek: between 3 to 5 riders: $3380 USD per person, between 6 to 12 riders: $3180 USD per person. *plus internal airfares approximately $400 USD

Arhangay Horseback Trek: between 2 to 5 riders: $2500 USD per person, between 6 to 14 riders: $2250 USD per person.

Golden Eagle Festival: 2 people: $2580 USD per person, between 3 to 5 people: $2350 USD per person, 6 or more people $2190 USD per person. *plus $520 USD per person round-trip domestic flights | Possible trip extension costs $1350 USD per person.

*The price includes transfers to/from UB airport, meals, accommodation and riding.

*The price does not include international or internal flights and travel insurance.

*Prices may be subject to change.


Our all-star Globetrotting guides, Jen Clingly and Jeremy Ford, are leading an inaugural Guided Group ride to Mongolia next year from June 28 to July 16, 2017. This husband and wife duo are famous amongst our globetrotters as the guides and owners of our sold-out Tassie Tiger Trail. They are horse people to their very core, don’t take themselves too seriously, are nifty with a camera and have years of experience making globetrotters grin from ear-to-ear. Get to know them here in this Q & A.

This special guided group ride is limited to 12 globetrotters (SOLD OUT) and is perfect if you’re a solo globetrotter who has dreamed of following in the footsteps of Chinggis Khaann. This 19-day itinerary is bursting with techno-coloured Mongolian culture; from being spectators at a rural Naadam Festival, spending time with the nomadic reindeer people, being invited into a Ger to sip on ayrag (fermented mares milk) to watching a spine-tingling shamanistic ceremony.

Riding in Mongolia is the final frontier of all horse riding holidays, itineraries don’t always go according to plan, spontaneity is key and a good sense of humour is a must! BUT if you’re a modern-day explorer at heart and are looking to jump off the conveyor belt travel than this ride has your name emblazoned all over it!

The ride price is *$3900 USD per person plus $400 USD regional flight. Incredible value! Keep in mind the price doesn’t include international fights, travel insurance and visas but rest assured Globetrotting can provide a competitive quote on all of this. *To hold your saddle seat, we require a 50% deposit and final payment is ten weeks before departure date. Payment is via credit card with a 2% surcharge.

This is what our latest globetrotter, Georgia Vavasour, thought of her 19-day Khovsgol adventure.

“Mongolia completely blew me away – from galloping with only the sound of the horses hooves and endless, expansive sky and verdant valleys spreading out before me to spontaneously being welcomed to spend the night with a local family in their get, tasting their freshly-made yoghurt so alive with probiotics it fizzed on the tongue and sleeping with their young daughter peeping over the edge of her bed at me, too excited to sleep with the first foreigners she had met staying the night – the experiences, the people and the landscape are indelibly etched in my memory. Mongolia is truly unique and one of the best places to visit and ride horses in the world!”

If you’re still not convinced, watch this video aptly titled ‘5 reasons to ride Mongolia before you kick the bucket.’

Click here to request a detailed itinerary regarding our Guided Group ride to Mongolia for 2017.


Accepted payment is by credit card only. There is a 2% surcharge on all credit card payments. Since you’ll be paying in a foreign currency, in this case USD, we believe paying via credit card is the most cost effective and easiest option for you.

Why is the price quoted in US dollars?

With our overseas riding destinations (rides other than in Australia), the currency is dictated by our partner in that country. Therefore due to fluctuating exchange rates we have to quote in the same currency.


Have some spare time on your hands when you arrive in Ulaanbaatar? Click here to discover our pick of things to see and do in this vibrant city.

Get to know, Gur, our globetrotters’ favourite guide in Mongolia by reading this Q & A.

Click here to read more about Mongolia as the final frontier of horse riding holidays and click here to view our promotional video of riding in Mongolia.

Read about Stacey West’s experiences on the 19-day ride in Mongolia through her diary entries Part One and Part Two. And you can read her article ‘Oh Mongolia’ here.

Stacey West

"Our guide Tuul was knowledgeable, flexible and treated us like her family. She always did her best to communicate itinerary changes and keep us informed, as well as provided us with opportunities above and beyond what her role required of her. I hope others will be so lucky as to be guided by her!"

Mongolia Ride 02/08/2016

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