Globetrotting Guest Horse – Tia

tia-1Would you just LOOK at this beautiful mare globetrotters? She is quite simply STUNNING! You can find Tia on one of our newest rides in the heart of Big Sky country, Montana USA. Here’s a bit about what you can expect if you are lucky enough to take her for a spin!

Name of horse: Tia

Breed: Quarter horse

Height: 15 hands (barely)

Gelding or mare? Mare

How did you find the horse?  Friends of friends

How long has the horse been in your herd?  8 years

tia-2What do riding guests most love about this horse? Guests love that Tia is beautiful, fun and forward going.

What do you as guides most love about this horse? That she is fun to ride.

Mention some of the horse’s idiosyncrasies.  Tia needs a good rider as she loves to go when asked!

Anything else we should know about the horse’s story?  Her mama is also in the herd.

If you have fallen in love with Tia (I know I have) and want to ride off into the sunset on her back, check out our ride in Montana, USA and you could be on your way soon!


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