10 Gift Ideas for Horse Loving Travel Addicts - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

10 Gift Ideas for Horse Loving Travel Addicts

In the spotlight, Life as a Globetrotter

10 Gift Ideas for Horse Loving Travel Addicts - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

It’s that time of year, globetrotters – amidst the anticipation of welcoming 2022 and kicking 2021 in the pants, everyone’s rushing around trying to find the perfect gifts for their nearest and dearest. And since so many of you have loved ones who LOVE travelling on horseback, we thought we’d give you some inspiration.

And yes, we’ve included some of our very own GT Apparel in here – but only because we are SO proud of these products and genuinely believe that they will spark incredible joy and gratitude when they’re unwrapped as part of your festivities this silly season!

As well as practical gifts like riding attire and fitness programs, there are stocking stuffers and presents to promote a bit of R&R after a long day’s riding. So have a browse – there really is something for every equestrian!

Bombachas for men & women
If you know a horse rider who’s just not that into jodhpurs, give them a pair of bombachas – you might just change their life. Bombachas are the duck’s nuts as far as riding trousers go and are used by both men and women across regional Chile and Argentina. We simply cannot get enough of them! Our bombachas are made with 100% cotton in a classic French navy blue. They’re versatile and flattering enough to wear for riding, day-tripping and going out to dinner.

Custom Helmet Cover
Help your globetrotter show their true colours by giving them a unique helmet cover (also known as a silk). You could design one on their behalf, or invite them to design their own via Equetech or ‘Sleezy Barb Horsewear‘ (what a name!). Alternatively, if you don’t want to design a helmet cover but still want something original, check out Etsy! You never know what you’ll find, with covers that make your riding hat look like a unicorn, a medieval knight’s helmet, a cowboy hat or a jockey’s cap.

GT Apparel - neck scarfs / buffs - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Horse print neck scarf
Also known as buffs, these nifty little things might just be THE most versatile accessory on the planet. They’re the perfect stocking filler for riders young and old, and as you can see, our fierce young globetrotters ADORE them. They’re wind resistant yet breathable, sweat wicking, quick drying and just as handy for sun protection in summer as they are for warmth in winter. They can be worn as a headband, beanie, hair tie, wrist band, bandanna or dust screen. Our gorgeous horse and rider print comes in two colour schemes: rainbow and black and white.

Riding Boots
Let’s face it: horse lovers are more likely to buy their horse new shoes than themselves! So why not replace those scuffed, cracked paddock boots with a pair that are comfortable, versatile and stylish? Ariat boots really go the distance and there’s an enormous range to choose from. Our favourites are the Heritage Lacer boot (hiking-meets-riding), the western-style Anthem boot and the classically chic zip-up Heritage paddock boot. Regardless of which boots you choose to gift, make sure they’re tough enough for multi-day rides in all weather, yet sleek enough to buff up and wear out to dinner!

Work Shirts for Men & Women
We’ve been riding in these tough, Australian-made cotton shirts for years now and nothing beats them. They are breathable, sun safe and easy to layer – not to mention they scrub up nicely for off-the-horse occasions. They’re available in subtle tones for safari rides as well as bold colours for globetrotters who appreciate a bit of flair. Did we mention they block 98% of the sun’s rays?!

Riding Fitness Program
These days, you don’t have to go to the gym or the stable to get fit for riding. There are a number of online courses and books that can help you feel strong and balanced in the saddle. Equestrian fitness guru Kelly Altschwager has two great offerings: Saddle Strong, a six-week online rider fitness program, and Western Workouts, a totally personalised program where you work one-on-one with Kelly to achieve your fitness and riding goals. The Fit Equestrian also has affordable fitness programs; Strides for Success offers comprehensive digital programs & courses; and for those who prefer books, try Fit & Focused in 52!

Hip Flask
For the globetrotter who has everything – because life as a globetrotter equals FUN! When the temperature drops unexpectedly, when you’re in need of some dutch courage, when you want to share a drink with friends around the campfire, or just because you’re on holiday, nothing says ‘I came prepared’ like a hip flask. It’s the perfect saddlebag accessory, and our design speaks of pure luxury. The strong, lightweight stainless steel flask is wrapped in hand-stitched Australian leather and stamped with the Globetrotting logo.

Little Black Vest
Believe it or not, vests really ARE the ‘little black dress’ of the equestrian world: versatile, flattering and absolutely essential. This may seem like a big claim, but after riding boots, a vest is the first thing we pack when we’re getting ready for a horse riding holiday. In warm climates, they’re perfect for warding off the chill of the morning and easy to take off when the sun hits; and in cold climates, you can layer them with thermals underneath and a jacket on top. Plus they’re stylish, so you can wear them out and about when you’re not riding. Our design also comes in navy, if black isn’t your thing.

Globetrotting – a memoir by Rosie Jones McVey
This book is a must-read for any lover of horses and travel. Rosie Jones McVey is a horsewoman who stuffed her riding boots and hat into a backpack and set off on a journey to learn the secrets of horse trainers all over the world. This book will change the way you ride and the way you travel.

The Horse Travel Handbook by CoChullaine O’Reilly
Everything you need to know to travel safely by horse, whether independently or as part of a group, has been condensed into this invaluable book – and it fits in a saddlebag! Serious long riders and horse riding holiday-makers alike will find it a fascinating read.

So there you have it: our 2021 round-up of pitch perfect gift ideas for the globetrotter in your life. Do let us know if you purchase any of them – we would love to hear your gift-giving stories!

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