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A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014.

photo caption: Here is a pic of our little globetrotter with her papa at our local agricultural show in Maleny. The show always falls at the end of May and it always rains so that fair-goers are never without a pair of gum boots and a umbrella. It’s a true blue rural show which is why we support it. You have the poultry shed where you have all the prized rooster and hens preening and cackling away. In the main hall folk have entered hand-made quilts, sweet tasting anzac biscuits, gigantic pumpkins in the hope of receiving a bright blue ribbon. My favourite part is the show jumping, I love watching horse and rider leaping over metre heigh fences. I would love to compete in the show jumping – one day.

Stupidly we parked at a entrance where we had to walk through side show alley and Finn was desperate to go on the towering inflatable slippery slides and dodge-em cars. We kept saying ‘next year poppy’ you’re too small. In her toddler reasoning that explanation didn’t cut the mustard.

You forget how grimy and tacky side show alley really is when viewed through the eyes of an adult.

Enjoy your weekend. x

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