56th Annual Glenorchy Races

56th Annual Glenorchy Races

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A highlight of Queenstown, New Zealand’s social calendar, the Glenorchy races are held annually on the first Saturday of January. Locals see it as a true southern Kiwi experience where anyone with a horse can enter! Be warned though, these races are not for the faint-hearted as local stockmen and women are keen to take the trophy home and will stop at nothing in their attempts to claim the prize!

This annual event came about when the Glenorchy Rugby club organised it over 50 years ago and includes trotting races for those who wish to take things a little slower, to races at full speed i.e. gallop. There are some fun competitions too including a Stockmen’s race and a Double Banking (two riders on one horse). The races drew clouds of over 2500 people last year and will be sure to gather more this year coming!

One of our Glenorchy Back Country rides coincides with this race (those on our January 8 departure should DEFINITELY try and head out to the event before their ride) but who else would like to come watch or even participate in this thrilling event?

Reference: Otago Daily Times and Glenorchy Info Centre 

Image Credits: Globetrotting and Otago Daily Times

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