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Horse Documentaries You Can Watch Online

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With many of us spending a lot more time at home, we thought it would be timely to share some documentaries that will satisfy your horse cravings and make ‘couch time’ a little more enjoyable! So here are some beautiful videos about horses that you can watch for free on YouTube:

The Horse Whisperer
An alternative to the full-length cinematic epic that goes by the same name, this dreamy documentary is just five minutes long and tells the story of Jean François Pignon, a French horseman whose connection to his herd will astound you.

Wild Horses Return to China

Do you know the amazing story of Przewalski’s Horse? If not, click here to brush up on your equine evolutionary history, then watch this beautiful, eye-opening documentary about the first herd of Przewalski’s Horses to be returned to the wild in China.

Wild Horses in the Arrowhead Mountains

Ever heard of an American Mustang called Cloud? This documentary series made Cloud and his herd a household name among horse lovers in the US. Only the third instalment is available on YouTube, but they stand alone very well – you certainly don’t need to see the first two instalments to get a grip on what’s happening in the third. There’s also a great interview with the filmmaker, Ginger Kathrens, on the PBS website.

500 Miles

This documentary follows 16 mustangs and 16 U.S. veterans as they transform one another’s lives through empathy and shared learning in order to complete a journey of – you guessed it – 500 miles. ‘Both man and beast need a purpose to get up in the morning’. Watch them find it. And maybe have some tissues handy.

In the Valley of Wild Horses

In the breathtaking Canadian wilderness, a group of young Xeni Gwet’in riders embark on an eight day, 200 kilometre journey through the Nemiah Valley in the footsteps of their ancestors. Travelling through their homeland, they reconnect with their culture, their country and each other. Don’t put those tissues away.

The Path of the Horse

‘I used to be a horse trainer. I used to be a riding instructor. Until the day I realised that somewhere, I had gone off course.’ So begins this documentary about one woman’s self-funded, round-the-world journey to rediscover the beauty, majesty and freedom of horses and our relationship with them.

Horses by National Geographic

This far-reaching, inspiring documentary will remind you why horses call to you like no other animal. It’s not aimed at knowledgeable equestrians, but you’ll be glad you watched it – and you’ll definitely learn something new!

North America’s Wild Horses

If you can’t get enough of mustangs, this documentary is incredibly informative, looking at their past, present and future, as well as their cultural importance. The filmmaker, Jan Delaporte, follows mustangs in the wild and through the processes of round-up, capture and domestication.

Okay, we’re not including these three videos in the ‘official’ list because they only appeared on YouTube a few months ago, and we’re not completely sure whether the YouTube channel that uploaded them is licensed to do so, or whether they will be taken down. SO our advice is to watch them sooner rather than later! There’s ‘The Supreme Marwari Horse’, ‘The Icelanders and their Strong Horses’ and ‘Kyrgyz Horses of the Celestial Mountains’.

That should keep you going for a while, globetrotters! Stay safe and healthy, and keep dreaming of horse riding holidays.

P.S. if you know of any other horse documentaries available for free on the world wide web, let us know in the comments!

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