Baroque Horse Festival

Horse Cultures of the World

This 2-day celebration, known as the Baroque Horse festival, occurs every year in December in the small town of Leigh Creek in Victoria Australia at Kryal Castle. As it is based in a castle, this medieval festival is definitely one to behold!

The festival celebrates the noble breeds from the Baroque period. Which horse breeds are those you say? The baroque horse breeds include the Friesian, Andalusian, Warlander, Peruvian Paso and other breeds derived from these horses. They show off their stunning horsemanship and other baroque themed displays including archery on horseback, long reining, Garrocha (having a large pole to produce perfect circles while demonstrating the suppleness of your horse- see below), harness and many more! There is even a grand parade!

It is definitely not your everyday festival and it grows in size each every year as tourists flock to the small town! So would you come along for the ride globetrotters?

Reference: Oztix and Facebook 

Image Credits: Mane Memories Photography and The Courier,

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