Best Compact Cameras for a Horse Riding Holiday

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So you’ve signed up for a riding holiday and you’re wanting to buy or upgrade your camera to make sure you capture every single moment from dusk to dawn. Yes, you could just take your iPhone but there are a few drawbacks with this option. Smartphones are the perfect shape for phone calls but a tricky one for photography. It’s easy to leave your finger over the lens by mistake, and the wide, thin shape doesn’t give you much of a grip while riding a horse.

Buster and I both use Canon SLR cameras and have custom-built saddle bags to house the camera bodies and lenses but this isn’t an option for everyone. For you, the globetrotter, you want a point and shoot camera that is pocket-size and light-weight so you can slip it into your pocket or saddle bag and capture great photos quickly and hassle-free.

I’ve put together a list of my all-time favourite compact cameras that are a perfect companion to take on a riding holiday. These cameras are a step up from your humble smartphone and aren’t as bulky, precious or as expensive as a SLR camera. I’ve specifically chosen these models with horse riding in mind where you can ride one-handed and take a photo that is in focus. Whatever camera you choose ideally you want an in-built image stabiliser as the majority of the time you’ll be shooting on a moving horse. Also you want a tough and hardy camera as it will be subjected to dust, horse sweat and heat.

In order of preference:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 – check out the full review here which goes into great detail as to why I love this camera. If you have the cash this would be my #1 choice with its Leica lens.

Fujifilm X70 – this compact camera is great for those who want a larger than average sensor and traditional controls. It delivers images that are every bit as good as its larger counterparts. Check out the full review here.

Canon PowerShot G7 X II – this is one of the best pocket cameras around. It is great in low light situations, has a 4.2x optical zoom and a tilting touch screen to make taking those selfies of you and your horse even easier! You can read the full review here.

Globetrotters have I missed any models that you’ve had experience with and love? For video footage check out this post on the best techniques for go pro-ing.

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