Goomboorian Campdraft Ride

Saddle Up: Lee Powrie’s Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride

In this edition of Saddle Up, we’re following thoroughly addicted repeat globetrotter Lee Powrie to Queensland, Australia, to go cattle mustering and campdrafting on The Rainbow Beach, Bush & Cattle Ride! Read on to get an inside peek at what it’s really like to experience this amazing horse riding holiday. *EDIT: Lee did this ride […]


The Day that Winston Churchill saved the War Horses

Sir Winston Churchill was an animal lover, there’s no doubt about it! When it came to the end of World War One he couldn’t stomach the idea of leaving the trusty steeds of the British cavalry behind, so he intervened and secured the safe return of tens of thousands of warhorses stranded in Europe. During […]


Horse Powers Help War Veterans

Saratoga WarHorse is a non-profit organisation in New York state, which helps military veterans heal from the devastating emotional effects of Post Traumatic Stress. The emotional healing that begins with the nonverbal, nonjudgmental acceptance of a horse enables veterans to feel safe enough to be themselves, and this is essentially the first step in their […]

Jess Liston Walers rescue

Race Against Time to save Australia’s War Horses

Jess Liston is on a mission to save the horses whose ancestors carried Australian troops through both the Boer War and World War I: the resilient, loyal , old bloodline Walers. Walers were developed in Australia’s colonial days by crossing a huge number of breeds to create a strong, hardy and willing horse that was […]

horse breed Gidran

Horse Breed: Gidran

Name of breed: Gidran, or Hungarian Anglo-Arab Country of origin: Hungary Breed origin: The Gidran was developed in south-east Hungary at the Hungarian State Stud, where the Nonius and Furioso-North Star breeds were also founded. The Gidran breed was established by a desert bred chestnut Arabian called Siglavy Gidran. From 1816 onwards, he was bred […]

Globetrotting glenorchy back country ride New Zealand

Saddle Up: Brielle Hallett’s Glenorchy Ride

If you can’t get enough of the Glenorchy Back Country ride, don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone! And thanks to Brielle Hallett, who recently completed this sell-out ride, you can quench your appetite for all things New Zealand with this glimpse into life as a globetrotter! Day 1: Arrive at High Country Horses Getting off […]

horse breed Trakehner

Horse Breed: Trakehner

Name of breed: Trakehner Country of origin: East Prussia (now Germany) Breed origin: The Trakehner breed was originally developed at the East Prussian state stud farm in the town of Trakehnen, from which the breed takes its name. The state stud was established in 1731, and between 1817 and 1837, Arabian, Thoroughbred and Turkoman (today’s […]

Horse Breed: Andalusian - photo by Missi Köpf on Pexels - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Horse Breed: Andalusian

Name of breed: Andalusian, also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (pura raza española) Country of origin: Spain Breed origin: The Andalusian originated on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain, where its ancestors, Iberian horses, were present as far back as 20-30,000 BC. These horses had many influences as civilisations came and went from […]

horse breed Hackney

Horse Breed: Hackney

Name of breed: Hackney Country of origin: England Breed origin: Although the Hackney originated in Norfolk, England, the name comes from a French word, ‘haquenee’, which was used to describe a riding horse with an exceptionally comfortable trot or amble. From its development in the 14th century, this type of horse became very popular as […]


Saddle Up: Roz Beinke’s Okavango Delta Ride

Roz Beinke’s horse riding holiday in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, in June 2018 was like stepping into a different world – one filled with wildlife, brave horses, caring guides and endless adventure. But don’t take our word for it – read her trip notes below! Friday – Africa – on a bucket list ride I’ve […]

Horse Breed: Standardbred - photo by Markus Kauppinen on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Horse Breed: Standardbred

Name of breed: Standardbred, or American Standardbred. Country of origin: United States of America. Breed origin: The world’s fastest harness racing horse, the Standardbred was developed in America in the late 18th and early 19th centuries after a Thoroughbred stallion called Messenger was imported from England. Messenger was a ‘flat racer’, not a trotter, but […]

Horse Breed: Orlov Trotter - photo by Alexander via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0) - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Horse Breed: Orlov Trotter

Name of breed: Orlov Trotter, or Orloff Trotter. Country of origin: Russia Breed origin: The Orlov Trotter is Russia’s oldest and most famous ‘stud’ breed, renowned for its speed, stamina and fast-paced trot. The breed was developed in the late 18th century by Count Alexei Orlov, hence the name. Count Orlov set out to develop a light […]


Saddle Up: Sheryl Germany’s Glenorchy Ride

In this series we will opening up the pages of our Globetrotters’ travel journals to learn about their experiences straight from the horse’s mouth. First up is a glimpse of the Glenorchy Back Country Ride, courtesy of globetrotter Sheryl Germany. Enjoy! The night before my epic adventure! I’m so excited! I’m getting ready to meet […]

horse breed Gotland pony

Horse Breed: Gotland

Name of breed: Gotland or Russ; sometimes Gotland Russ. Country of origin: Sweden. Breed origin: The Gotland pony, also known as the Russ, is the most common breed of pony in Sweden. The breed’s origins are subject to much speculation: there is evidence of horses living on the island of Gotland, on the south-eastern coast […]


Sefton the British Army Horse

On the 20th of July, 1982, sixteen horses and soldiers of the Queen’s Household Cavalry were travelling through Hyde Park en route to the Changing of the Guard when a nail bomb exploded in a parked car. The bomb, planted by members of the Irish Republican Army, killed seven horses and four soldiers and injured […]


Horse Breed: Percheron

Breed origin: The Percheron is a breed of draught horse that originated in northern France, in the province of Le Perche, from which the breed takes its name. While the more ancient origins of the breed are subject to many differences of opinion, it is known that Arabian stallions were bred to local mares in the 8th century and again in the Middle Ages. Paintings of mounted French knights from this period always depict them astride grey horses, proving the immediate popularity of this primarily grey breed as a war horse.

Horse Breed: Morgan - photo by Christopher Crosby Morris/ - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Horse Breed: Morgan

Name of breed: Morgan Country of origin: United States of America. Breed origin: All Morgan horses trace back to a single foundation sire, a stallion named Figure, who was born in Massachusetts in 1789. As a three year old, Figure was given to a man named Justin Morgan as payment for a debt. A dark […]


Little Sorrel and Stonewall Jackson

Little Sorrel was a sorrel (chestnut) Morgan horse who became the favourite mount of General Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson in the American Civil War. Little Sorrel grew up in Connecticut and was purchased by the Northern government for use in the Civil War, but not far into his military career he found himself swapping sides. […]

Horse Breed: Friesian - photo by AlkeMade on Pixabay - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Horse Breed: Friesian

Name of breed: Friesian Country of origin: The Netherlands Breed origin: The Friesian horse originated in the province of Friesland, a northern province of the Netherlands. Despite having the confirmation of a light draught horse, Friesians are graceful and athletic, with a natural elegance that gives them great presence whether under saddle or in harness. […]


Horse Breed: Ardennes

Name of breed: Ardennes, or Ardennais. Country of origin: France, Belgium, Luxembourg Breed origin: One of the oldest documented draught horse breeds, the Ardennes horse originates from the Ardennes area (funny that!) which stretches between Belgium, Luxembourg and France. The rough terrain and harsh climates made for a very strong, hardy, low-maintenance breed. The Ardennes […]


Aussie Kid Races in Mongolia

Back in 2008, with just the local crowd and a handful of unwavering supporters to witness, twelve-year-old Angus Paradice proved his mettle in a race against the children of the Mongolian steppe. Angus and his family had visited Mongolia two years prior, their travels coinciding with a local Naadam festival. At these festivals, competitors test […]