Cavalia - The Greatest Horse Show

Cavalia – The Greatest Horse Show!

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This is a must-see show for all equine enthusiasts Cavalia is your one-stop-shop equestrian theatrical show that will blow your mind! I have been lucky enough to witness the horsemanship in the show myself and my jaw just dropped at the first act. But how did this amazing idea first come to light?

The Cavalia troop was first founded by Normand Latourelle and enjoyed its debut show in 2003 across North America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia. Since their first shows, over 5 million people have witnessed their displays of natural horsemanship and acrobatics. Cavalia’s one of a kind show pays homage to the bonds between humans and horses across time.

What is special about this Cavalia is how they train their horses; they want the horse to enjoy training AND performing on the stage. To do this, the trainers pay close attention to ensure every request made is understood but they are also respectful of what the horse can offer. They focus on patience, trust and respect. The company had over 40 horses on the original Cavalia show from dozens of breeds including Appaloosa, Arabian, Ardennes, Canadian, Holsteiner, Spanish Purebred and Lusitano just to name a few. In fact, 13 breeds make up the show!

What does each show entail? Oh boy, you are in for a treat! If you are lucky to grab a seat at one of these sold out shows, prepare to be blown out of the water! The stage itself is a sandy arena but it has special features that I won’t spoil. What I loved the most about the shows is how effortlessly the horses and the humans worked together but don’t get me wrong; the acrobatics, tricks and horsemanship they do are just phenomenal!

Their current show is called Odysseo and is currently performing in Scottsdale Arizona but the company is also heading to Winnipeg in Canada in May. When they come back to Australia, I am definitely grabbing a ticket again! Would you join me?

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