Chopper Bags – the bee’s knees

In the spotlight
My well-loved and well-worn Chopper Bag.

After notching up a myriad of horse riding safaris to my belt, I’ve discovered the perfect bag to pack my safari kit into. There is no point taking a sleek, black suitcase equipped with wheels and its own micro-chip when on safari. Quite often, your luggage will be heaved and squeezed into 4WD’S, fixed wing planes and balanced precariously on top of heads throughout your journey. In these circumstances a suitcase with all the bells and whistles, that has no squash factor and gets bogged in gravel and performs spontaneous wheelies in the mud is pointless and often laughable. I discovered the Chopper Bag made from an Australian company called The Chopper Bag and since then I’ve never looked back. The bags are made from 12 oz waterproof canvas with chrome leather base and handles, they’re fully lined with a 9 oz waterproof canvas and have a leather buckle as extra security to the zip. They’re surprisingly deep (I’ve managed to squeeze a Masai chair into my bag) and they are durable while being ‘Out of Africa’ stylish.

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