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Equitana Melbourne 2012

Life as a Globetrotter

So we’ve packed up the family (Buster, Finn and I plus Meme – grandma) to Equitana Melbourne to cajole horse enthusiasts, equestrian lovers, camp drafters, polo players on our horse riding adventures. We arrived Wednesday morning for bump in and tarted up our stand (#308 in the Epsom Pavilion if you want to visit) by lining the blue velvet walls with hessian, a brindle cow hide to cover the impossibly ugly carpet and plastered our 3m x 3m walls with larger than life images of our globetrotting adventures.

This year I’m over the moon with our location, last year in Sydney I was in a dud spot and I only had myself to blame for that. But this year, we’re near a presentation arena with great traffic flow. We have a TV screen playing our images and video footage and a sparkling new 52 page brochure that we’re handing out to any horse lover who walks past. Miss Finn comes to visit in the morning for a quick feed and the rest of the hours are spent talking, standing, sitting, sipping coffee, eating moorish lemon slice and grabbing people’s email addresses.

Globetrotters Don and Sally

A lot of familiar faces from Equitana’s in the past have swooped in for our brochure and some of our regular globetrotters have come to say hi. On Friday we welcomed Don and Sally-Anne, who rode in Mongolia in August, showed us their photo album of their adventures. Bernadette Kelly, who joined us on the guided group ride to Kenya and is lining up for another ride with our South American guided ride leaving in two weeks.

Author and addicted globetrotter Bernadette Kelly

Did I mention that globetrotting is on instagram? Follow us here. Are you going to Equitana Melbourne this year? What are you looking forward to see? I get a bit of cabin fever in my stand and don’t have the opportunity to see the shows so would love to hear what I’m missing out on. I did manage to buy a pair of sneaky boots which I’ll post about in a wee while.

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