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I’m so very excited about our competition that we’ve recently launched via Facebook in accordance with our attendance to Equitana Melbourne this year. {insert drum roll} Our partners in Mongolia have been super generous in offering a 19-day horse riding holiday to a remote region known as Khovsgol in Mongolia. For me, Mongolia is the final frontier of riding adventures where riding guests go beyond roads and civilisation and explore landscapes that can only be navigated by horseback. A place where there is no mobile service, pack horses are used and the landscape is vast and endless. Within the 19-day itinerary guests are immersed in the colourful culture of the Mongols, staying in traditional gets, attending Naadam festivities and spending a couple of nights with the Tsaatan people.  Without sounding too melodramatic, this quite possibly could be a life changing ride for our lucky prize winner. If you want to try your luck enter here via our Facebook or for those who haven’t subscribed to the social media phenomena enter here via our website.

Here are some photos of this very trip so you can get a feel of the ride. Good luck!


The stout and trusting Mongol ponies that conquered the world!

IMG_3867 Double-humped camels juxtaposed against snow-capped mountains.

IMG_3760One of the Mongols mustering a yak across the steppe.

IMG_3705Lunch break on the steppe.


A beautiful and happy Mongol woman who rode with us for a couple of days.


Child jockeys lining up for a race as part of the Naadam festivities.


Lake Khovsgol, the start of the 19-day riding adventure.


Before the race.


Rural Naadam festivities.

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