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Do you have riding holidays for a family?


As a mother to three young globetrotters (Finn, Birdie and Poppy), nothing gives me more joy and pride than bundling up our wanderlust-filled family and taking them globetrotting. I believe horse riding is a life skill that needs to be learned, like swimming. As I’m sure you’ll agree, horses can teach us so much from a young age – persistence, patience, courage, responsibility – and give us the freedom to explore nature’s spoils. And trail riding, whether at home or on holiday, is the perfect foundation to set kids up for a lifelong love affair with horses.

Granted, not every family has access to trustworthy horses and fun trails at (or near) home. But you can enjoy this beautiful experience on plenty of our Globetrotting holidays. We have a selection of rides around the world that will suit the entire family, no matter your budget, timeframe, holiday preferences or riding ability (including non-riders!).

So whether it’s your entire family or a mother/daughter or father/son trip, click here to view a list of family friendly horse riding holidays, including age limits and suitability.

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