Do you have riding holidays for a family?


As a mother to three young globetrotters (Finn, Birdie and Poppy) I’m literally chomping at the bit to bundle up our wanderlust-filled family and take them on their first horse riding holiday. From a young age, our girls have been plonked on my reliable and dependable polo ponies or our two beautiful little ponies, Charlie Bubbles and Minty Magic. I believe horse riding is a life skill that needs to be learned, like swimming, and is part of our working life as globetrotters. As I’m sure you’ll agree, horses can teach us so much from a young age – persistence, patience, courage, responsibility – and give us the freedom to explore nature’s spoils. Generally on a weekend, we pack saddle bags and head out on local trails teeming with nature, wilderness and silence. Birdie is still pony-led on Charlie Bubbles, while Finn can ride independently on Minty Magic. We’re always shadowed by our beautiful rescue dog, Clifford. The girls will sing nonsense songs, we’ll pick wildflowers and adorn the horses’ bridles with them, and then we’ll stop by a nearby creek to eat our saddle bag-packed delights and share some with the ponies. These mini adventures make me smile and I believe they’re the perfect foundation to set the girls up for a lifelong love affair with horses.

Granted, not every family has access to a team of trustworthy horses, riding trails on their doorstep, and horse transport. But you can replicate this beautiful riding experience for your family on plenty of our Globetrotting holidays. We have a selection of rides that will suit the entire family, no matter your riding ability, from Australia to Mongolia depending on your budget, time and preferences. So whether it’s your entire family or a mother/daughter or father/son trip, below is a list of family-friendly horse riding holidays.

So whether it’s your entire family or a mother/daughter or father/son trip, click here to view a list of family friendly horse riding holidays, including age limits and suitability.

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