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Can I go on my own?

Believe it or not, the majority of our globetrotters travel solo. I started my career as a single globetrotter and have made life-long friendships borne from hours upon hours of conversations in the saddle. Once you’ve completed a horse riding holiday as a single traveller, you’ll realise that it’s an absolute cinch and you’ll be signing up for the next ride (as a single) in a heartbeat.

Here is why:

You can pick the travel dates that fit within your holiday schedule rather than co-ordinating with a friend.
You can select the PERFECT ride based on your budget, time and riding ability rather than downgrading your expectations to fit with a friend who may not be as confident in the saddle as you. Or vice versa – you may be a beginner looking for an entry-level ride where you can really get your riding mojo on.

Typically, when travelling alone, you’re in a better position to meet more people and get out of your comfort zone than if you were travelling with a friend or partner. The wonderful part of a horse riding holiday is that more often than not, almost everyone on the ride is a single traveller. You’ll meet like-minded folk who all share a common love of horses and travelling. You’ll enjoy endless hours of swapping riding stories around the campfire that would bore a non-equestrian to tears!

From the get-go, we make solo travel easy. If you’re going to a foreign country, we ensure that one of our representatives is at the airport with your name on a sign (yep – you’ll feel famous) to collect you, take you to an ATM to get the local currency and drive you to your hotel.

Also, once you’ve booked your holiday, we invite you to join our private Globetrotters Facebook group, a space for all globetrotters who have ridden with us in the past or are about to embark on their first ride. It’s a great spot to ask questions and get first-hand advice. You’ll also be able to correspond with other globetrotters booked on the same ride, so you can make arrangements to meet up beforehand or share transfer costs if required.

We’ll always try our very best to secure you a private room or tent (depending on the style of accommodation) without having to pay a hefty single supplement charge. If you have to share due to ride numbers, we’ll make sure you’re teamed up with a rider of the same gender – who doesn’t snore!

So don’t put off your Globetrotting career simply because you’re flying solo – life is WAY too short and there are FAR too many riding holidays to conquer. To start you off, check out this list of Globetrotting rides that offer single accommodation with no single supplement!

And finally, here are some words of encouragement from other solo globetrotters:

“If you are toying about the idea of travelling on your own, maybe you’re a bit worried, don’t be…JUST DO IT! I had such an amazing time and met the most wonderful people who I anticipate riding with again. Thank you Globetrotting for all your help.” – Carolyn Francis, The Patagonia Trail, Argentina

“‘Just hurry up and do it!’ would be my quote to any fellow horse lovers who, like me, followed all of the Globetrotting posts for over a year but never actually booked one. When I finally did, I just wished I had done it sooner! I attended as a single rider, not knowing anyone when I arrived, but I now have a group of brilliant friends to book with for our next Globetrotting adventure!” – Anne Smerdon, Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand

“I travelled alone and was thrilled to find that many in our group were also solo travellers, so don’t be afraid to go it alone! We were all there for the same reason and have made some excellent friends from all over the country.” – Susen Wettenhall, Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride, Australia

“Absolutely enjoyed the trip. Everyone in our group had a blast (half of them were solo travellers like me). We became fast friends because of the passion for horses. This was the first time I went out to travel as a solo traveller and I really felt relaxed and pampered, the whole atmosphere felt like a big family.” – Terri Yang, Shell Wyoming, USA

“This was my third ride as a solo globetrotter and it won’t be my last. Such an incredibly grounding way to travel.” – Lucy Dyball, Glenorchy Back Country Ride, New Zealand

“As a solo female traveller, I felt safe and fully supported by Christian, Laura and the team throughout the journey.” – Jenny Horner, Craig’s Hut & High Country Ride, Australia

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