Why do I need Globetrotting if I can book directly through the outfitter or online?

It’s simple. We’ve road tested the rides extensively and continually to make sure that the standard of rides are second to none. We make sure the horses are well looked after and that the riding outfitter is legitimate and professional. It gives our clients peace of mind that we’ve road tested their ride. Can you imagine flying half way across the world only to be bitterly disappointed when you reach a dodgy operator that has you riding donkeys rather than horses? It’s our job to be unbiased and work for you, the client to ensure it’s a riding holiday of a lifetime. We provide 100% impartial advice.

We can give you personal service right down to the very last detail such as what type of camera you should take to a suggested clothing list designed specifically for each ride. If you choose to book direct you don’t really know if what you see on your screen is what you are really going to get. With our first hand experience of each and every horse riding holiday that we offer we can honestly assure you of the best possible memories you could ever hope to ask for.

Not to mention, you can pick up the phone and speak to us, and we’ll be able to find you the perfect ride that suits your riding ability, budget and holiday time.

For our globetrotters, we cover every possible base, offering friendly personal service right from your first inquiry. We answer questions and even have answers to questions you did not know you had.

To help a horse lover turn their dream into reality, we help our globetrotters find the ride that is their perfect fit. Then we do it all, from organising flights and transfers to hooking you up with the right insurance to be sure you can breathe easy and just focus on your time in the saddle.

You matter

Your trip matters to us. The details matter. And you matter because when you go on one of our rides, you become part of the Globetrotting family and will gain exclusive access to our Facebook community.

If you book direct with providers, you won’t get that. And you won’t with anyone else.

We also guarantee that you won’t get your trip cheaper anywhere else. We are so confident of this claim that if you happened to stumble on a unicorn and find the same ride for less, we will refund you the difference. How is that for peace of mind?

And yes, we delight in the funny and quirky, and hearing our globetrotters’ tales from their trips is what fuels our fire.

That is a good thing, because let’s face it: from the back of a horse, life is never dull or boring.

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