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Life as a Globetrotter

I wanted to share with you a very clever artist that lives out ‘whoop whoop’ in rural Queensland who paints the most beautiful, child-like, candid, colourful and whimsical paintings of horses. Laura Crane has a natural ability with the brush, the use of colour and an affinity with horses. These three elements have gone into producing a beautiful series of naive horse art captured in lolly-pop colours. The collection consists of ponies in full stride gallops, horses on the polo-crosse field and surrounded in a field of daisies. What I truly love about this series, is the wildness and freedom that she captures in her equine mates – free from rider, saddle and bridle.

Here are some of my favourites from the collection.

Cricket & Crane – Catch me if you can

mixed medium on canvas

900mm x 1200mm


Veil & Virg – Dust Run

mixed medium on canvas

900mm x 1200mm


Ular – lines in sand, water and sky

Mixed medium on canvas

900mm x 1200mm

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