Horse Breed: American Miniature Horse

Horse Breed: American Miniature Horse

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Name of breed: American Miniature Horse

Country of origin: United States

Breed origin: The American Miniature horse was first imported into America in 1888 and is thought to be from a cross of different mine horses from England and the Netherlands. It is thought that the miniature horse also drew its small size from the other small horse breed, the Shetlands.

The tricky thing about the American Miniature horse is that, although their size should classify them as a pony, they are still called horses. Why? The breed has managed to keep the horse phenotype in their bloodlines and in their breed registry, so they are called a horse!

Distinguishing features: Here’s the most well-known characteristic of the American Miniature Horse breed; even though they are still no bigger than a large dog, they are anatomically correct! They are well balanced in their body with fine legs and a ‘dishy face’ that looks similar to an Arab but half the size!

The horse can be of any colour and of any markings while standing at just under 35 inches (that is 89cm). Fun fact: the average American Miniature horse can live for 25-35 years!

Modern day American Miniature Horse: The modern day American Miniature Horse breed is now bred as pets, novelty animals, showing, research and are still used in mining work. Although they are small in stature, the horse can still compete in events such as carriage driving, jumping and even obstacle courses!

Reference: AMHA

Image credit: Pinterest, Diva Valley Miniature Horses, Pets4Homes, Horses- Uteki

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