Horse Breed: Black Forest Horse

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Name of breed: Black Forest Horse

Country of origin: Germany

Breed origin: As the name suggests, the Black Forest Horse developed in the Black Forest in Germany’s Baden-Wurttemberg region as far back as 600 years ago. Originally bred for working purposes (in the forestry regions and on farms), these horses were indispensable to generations of farmers, their hardiness and durability setting them in good stead to thrive in the challenging winters.

The breed’s first studbook was established in 1896, and for a time, these horses thrived throughout Germany and other parts of Europe. However in 1981, their numbers were recorded as significantly low. With increased mechanisation and advancements in modes of travel, the breeders of Black Forest Horses began to diversify their uses.

Today there are only 46 state-approved stallions, 16 of which are at Marbach stud, while the rest are scattered around other private breeding facilities. In Germany, there are only approximately 700 mares registered at present.

Distinguishing features: Characterised by their luscious locks, a dense mane that hangs down covering both sides of their neck, Black Forest horses are known for their great strength, patience and gentle temperament. They are most often found with a dark chestnut coat with a flaxen mane and tail, standing anywhere between 14.2hh to 16hh.

Modern day Black Forest Horse: Although most breeds of draft horses are primarily used for driving, the Black Forest horse is also used for pleasure riding and as packhorses. Their wonderful temperament make them ideally suited for novice or first-time owners.

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