Horse Breed: Campolina

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Name of breed: Campolina

Country of origin: Brazil

Breed origin: The Campolina is named after Cassiano Campolina, the farmer who developed the breed. Back in 1870, the farmer received a black mare of Barb ancestry named ‘Medeia’, and bred her to a pure Andalusian stallion. The resulting foal, a gray colt named ‘Monarca’ is considered the foundation stallion of the Campolina breed. Other breeds the farmer used in his herd were Clydesdale, Holsteiner, Anglo-Norman and American Saddle Horse. There are currently around 85,000 registered Campolina horses in the world.

Distinguishing features: The Campolina is one of the larger Brazilian breeds of horse and can be found in most colours. The head of the Campolina is described as trapezoidal in shape, with the head convex in profile – a Roman nose of sorts. They are a gaited horse with a smooth, four-beat ambling gait called true marcha or marcha verdadeira.

Modern day Campolina: The Campolina is mainly used for pleasure and trail riding, although they are increasingly used for dressage within Brazil.

Reference: Wikipedia

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