Horse Breed: Fell Pony

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Name of breed: Fell Pony

Country of origin: England

Breed origin: The Fell Pony is a breed of mountain and moorland pony originally bred on the fell farms of northwest England, specifically England in Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmorland (Cumbria). The breed shares it origins with the now-extinct Galloway pony which was also the root of the Dales pony.

The Fell Pony was originally used as a packhorse, their strength and stamina playing an important role in carrying heavy materials and transporting bulky farm goods. The Vikings favoured them as packhorses as well as for ploughing, riding and pulling sledges.

Distinguishing features: Closely related to their geographic neighbour, the Dales pony, the Fell Pony are a little smaller and slightly more pony-like in build. They vary in weight and height, although the average height of the breed is 13.2hh and they usually reach a maximum of 14 hands. Bred for the harsh Northern England environment, these ponies are known for their hardiness, strength and sure-footedness and are adaptable to almost any climate. Agile and reliable jumpers, this breed is often useful for cross country riding or hunting, although they lack the scope to make top class jumping ponies.

Modern day Fell Pony: Today most Fell Ponies are used for pleasure and in the competition arena, as well as for pack-work and trekking. They also do well in driving and endurance riding.

Reference: Wikipedia

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