Horse Breed: Riwoche

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Name of breed: Riwoche

Country of origin: Tibet

Breed origin: The Riwoche horse is a dun-coloured, pony-sized horse indigenous to northeastern Tibet. It was named by European explorers after its home region. It came to international attention in 1995, at which time its primitive appearance and small size led to speculation that it might be an evolutionary link between the prehistoric wild horse and the modern domestic horse. Subsequent analysis, however, demonstrated that it is genetically indistinguishable from modern horses.

Distinguishing features: The size of a pony, standing at an average of 12 hands high, the Riwoche horse is said to resemble horses depicted in prehistoric cave paintings. They are dun in colour, with angular bodies, upright manes and primitive markings including a dorsal stripe down their spine and striping on the back of their legs. They also have small ears, rough coats, flat foreheads and unique ‘duck-bill’ nostrils.

Modern day Riwoche: These horses still live in Tibet today and are used by the local people for various activities.

Reference: Wikipedia

Image credit: Pinterest

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