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Horse Breed: Thoroughbred - photo by Rennett Stowe - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Name of breed: Thoroughbred, or English Thoroughbred

Country of origin: England

Breed origin: The breed started to be developed during the 17th and 18th century when native English mares were cross-bred with imported Arabian, Barb and Turkoman (today’s Akhal-Teke) stallions to create the Thoroughbred that we know and love today. What is really cool about this breed is that all modern Thoroughbreds can trace their bloodline to three stallions that were originally imported into England: the Byerley Turk in the 1680s, the Darley Arabian in 1704 and the Godolphin Arabian in 1729.

The next few centuries saw the breed spread all over the world as they were imported to North America, Australia, Europe, Japan and South America.

Distinguishing features: The Thoroughbred is often referred to as a ‘hot-blooded’ breed as they are spirited and bold but are also known for their agility and speed. With strong yet long legs and a deep chest cavity, the breed can run for miles and miles. Thoroughbreds have been bred into the well-oiled racing machines that they are today.

Modern Day Thoroughbred: Known mostly for its racing ability, the breed can also be seen in other elite sports including eventing and showjumping. The Thoroughbred can also be used for pleasure riding. It is an extremely versatile breed.

Reference: Wikipedia 

Image credits: “Thoroughbred Horse” by Rennett Stowe (licensed under CC BY 2.0), Larry White on Pixabay.


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