Horse Breed: Vyatka Horse

Name of breed: Vyatka Horse

Country of origin: Russia

Breed origin: This north Russian pony was strongly influenced by the natural conditions that they lived and the terrain. The 14th century saw Novgorod colonists bring Estonian horses and Kleppers to northern Russia and these horses affected the conformation of the Vyatka horse. The regions that the Vyatka is found affected them as the climate and terrain and these regions include the Kirov region, Udmurtia and the western Perm regions.

This breed was known for its endurance and speed but by the 19th century was the best at pulling troikas (Russian harness driving with three horses abreast).

Distinguishing features: Conformation wise, the breed has a short fleshy neck with a clean-cut head with broad jaws. Broad, long backs that are on short but solid legs and good hooves are perfect for the rough terrain that this breed lives in.

They usually stand at just under 14 hands but the most characteristic feature of the breed is its colours and markings. They are chestnut roan to bay roan (along with the usual solid colours except for grey) with a strong dorsal stripe running down their backs. What’s really cool is that they also have a wing-shaped pattern on the shoulders and zebra stripes on the forelegs!

Modern day Vyatka horse:  Since there is roughly 2 000 Vyatka horse left in the world and in the Kirov and Udmurtia region, they are used mostly for transport, riding and draft horse jobs on a farm.

Reference: Wikipedia,  Ansi Breeds and Horse Breed Pictures 

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