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How is your knowledge on horse anatomy?  I know the names to the major parts of my horse like wither, canon bone, forelock, fetlock, mane, poll, rump, dock – basic pony club understanding. I’m shame faced to admit that’s where my knowledge of my horse’s body stops. I’m fuzzy to say the least on muscle and bone names which is a knock on effect when needing to identify health problems with my horses.

Thankfully with modern technology in the form of a app known as Horse 360 I’m learning – incredibly quickly I might add – the intricate details of my horse. Words like Coccygeal Vertabrae, Metacarpal and Scapula Cartilage I can know pronounce and better still I can identify where these bones are on my horse. I reached level 3 on this quiz platformed app before my minimal horse anatomy started failing and I had to start guessing. The benefit lies in what I learnt and remembered in less that five minutes compared to trying to retain information from a one dimensional text book. Absolutely brilliant!

I don’t quite understand the Vet Talk element of the app and the graphics could be improved, but these are small criticisms to a equine app that is jam-packed with knowledge and information that would help a top show jumper to a happy hacker. For all horse lovers this app should sit alongside your ‘go to’ apps on your iPhone or iPad as a essential learning guide to help understand your equine compatriot.

And better still the ethos behind this company is truly commendable, ‘improving horse welfare through education’.