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I Ran Away to Scotland…

Life as a Globetrotter

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Did you hear?

I ran away.

YEP, I managed to sneak away, travel 24 hours, and land in the borders of Scotland to escort nine of my wonderful globetrotters on our inaugural Scottish Borders Ride.

What a team we were! Three American ladies, one Canadian, one New Zealander, and four Australians – joined together to ride the Common Rides.

We clicked straight away. Conversation was effortless from the start. One of my Globetrotters said, ‘we’re all cut from the same cloth.’ And it’s true: we were joined together by a mutual love of horses.

Fast forward seven days and there were long, squeezed-out hugs and kisses on farewell. Promises of a reunion ride.

Something spectacular was shared within the bosom of our group. Memories that will last until we’re grey and old. Fears faced, life stories told with compassion and listened to with thoughtfulness. We met as strangers and became lifelong friends.

I had an overwhelming sense of gratefulness at the end of the trip.

I firmly believe that Globetrotting, the true art of globetrotting, instills in you a form of gratitude that flows forth, directly from your heart.

I was grateful for the beautiful horse that carried me through the vistas, up and down the hills, through the rivers, across the meadows. Racing gallops across daisy-filled paddocks. Bravely and intuitively, he placed his feet on the ground, level-headed and honest as the day is long.

I was grateful for the beauty that is Mother Nature. Always amplified when viewed through the ears of your horse. For the infinite blue sky that was boundless above our heads. For the numerous shades of green sprinkled throughout the forest.

I was grateful for the Scottish people that we crossed paths with. I always tell my daughters, give love and you shall receive love. This home-spelt mantra came to the fore. The wonder of complete strangers that quickly became friends was astounding. People who needn’t give me or my globetrotters the time of day, but they gave us more than time, they gave us genuine interest and love. I was literally blown away.

Gratefulness runs deep when you’re a globetrotter. Gratefulness for the life you have at home. Gratefulness for your family. Gratefulness for the stars that aligned to allow you to embark on an adventure like this.


Pure and simple.


Kate x

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