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Every year on August 1st, the Nagchu Horse Racing Festival kicks off in Tibet and lasts anywhere between five to fifteen days. It is the grandest of its kind throughout the country.

For ordinary Tibetan people, this festival is of huge importance and so they dress both themselves and their horses in their finest outfits. People from all corners of the country build a ‘tent city’ in Nagchu Town, eager to show off their horses and trade for tools and supplies, and thousands participate in the various horse races, archery and horsemanship contests. People from all neighborhoods also come to buy and sell their horses.

The Horse Racing festival begins with a grand opening ceremony, then people enjoy various recreational and trade activities, the most exciting ones include the horse racing, yak races and tug-of-war contests.
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Those who participate in the horse-racing and horsemanship competitions are dressed in traditional military attire and usually attract the biggest crowds as they display their superior horse riding skills. One of the activities involves hanging off the side of a horse and snatching a hada silk ceremonial scarf from the ground at full gallop! If that doesn’t give you an adrenaline rush globetrotters I don’t know what will! Anyone keen to have a go?

Reference: Tibet Travel

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