head torch for riding holiday

Don’t Leave Home Without… a Head Torch

For our riding holidays that involve camping you can’t leave home without a good, LED head torch. This hands-free light source is paramount in your riding kit and I keep my head torch in close proximity as soon as the sun starts to slump. A head torch will come in handy for reading your book at night, going […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Gloves

We’ve all been there globetrotters – the blisters, the red burn marks from the leather reins, the feeling of the reins sliding through your fingers as you are pulled in one direction – but you don’t want to have to deal with this on what’s meant to be a holiday! And if your day job […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Thermals

For our cooler climate rides, good quality wool blend thermals should be right at the top of your packing list! There’s nothing worse than that feeling of not being able to warm up,  and that’s why I LOVE my Icebreaker thermals – they have never let me down! The trick to riding in cold or unpredictable […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Kerrits

Ok globetrotters, I have to make a confession. You are no doubt aware of my opinion of jodhpurs (if you aren’t familiar with it, click here and you will soon understand), and my refusal to ride in anything except my bombachas. Well, a friend of mine suggested I try Kerrits, and I have to be honest, […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Irideon Riding Tights

Well it’s taking some time, but I am slowly becoming a jodhpur convert. Don’t get me wrong, I will always, I repeat ALWAYS, love riding in my Argentinean bombachas and will continue to do so most of the time. But every so often it’s nice to change things up a bit and thanks to advice […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… a Portable Battery Pack

Let’s face it, we all use our smartphones to take photographs these days. In fact, a lot of the built-in cameras in the smartphones on the market are better than the majority of the cameras within our price range. So there’s nothing worse than coming across the most magnificent sight on your ride, taking out […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Padded Bike Shorts

Once again before we start there needs to be a disclaimer here: for the majority of our riding holidays you will be riding in English style or endurance saddles which are quite comfortable and probably don’t need much extra padding. But if you are at all concerned about how your backside will cope with multiple […]


Don’t leave home without…TOMS

So when you’re out of the saddle of an evening, you’ll want some lightweight shoes that you can slip on around the campfire or for the walk to the dining area. While thongs (or flip flops) are good, what happens if it’s raining and muddy or you step on a thorn in Africa? That’s why […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Travel Packing Cubes

If you want to take the stress out of packing for your globetrotting adventure, making sure nothing is forgotten and that you can always find what you need when you need it, I’ve got a hot tip for you – use TRAVEL PACKING CUBES! Yep, a trusty globetrotter has recently brought these nifty little critters […]

riding mesh chaps

Don’t Leave Home Without… Mesh Chaps

If you are heading out on any of our beach rides (The Bahia Beach Ride, Noosa Bush and Beach Ride, Tassie Tiger Trail, Margaret River Ride, Portugal Ride, Camargue Ride and our Sumba Ride) then have a look at these beauties! These chaps will save your gorgeous leather chaps from the salt water and are […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… a Travel Thermos

Let me ask you two questions globetrotters: Are you booked on our Glenorchy Back Country Ride in New Zealand or Big Horn Cattle Drive in America? Or are you coming to Iceland with us this year? And do you LOVE a hot cuppa as you’re munching away on your delicious saddlebag packed lunch after a […]


Don’t Leave Home Without…. a Soft, Wheeled Duffel Bag

Packing for a horse riding holiday can be stressful enough (although we try to make it as easy as possible for you – check out our ultimate packing list HERE), let alone having to try and figure out what sort of bag you should pack into. There’s nothing worse than trying to lug a heavy […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Chafing Cream

We all know it and we all dread it. Chafing. That red raw pain from a day in an unfamiliar saddle or even under your arms from sweat (believe me that is not fun). Now I know what you may be thinking… “I have never had chafing” and I can safely say it is better […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… Sealskinz Gloves!

A pair of gloves is a packing essential, Globetrotters, especially if you’re heading on a cold-climate ride – think the County Clare Ride, Exploratory Castle & Estate Ride, Exploratory Hunting Ride,  Icelandic Wilderness Expedition, The Patagonia Trail, Torres Del Paine,  Mongolia, the Glenorchy Back Country Ride, the Big Horn Cattle Drive, etc. Sealskinz Ultra Grip […]

woman wearing horse riding jeans with horse

Top 5 Riding Jeans as Voted by our Globetrotters!

Jeans make great travel companions, even better if they’ll hold up to a day in the saddle but still look good enough to wear out to dinner or a day’s sightseeing. The trick to horseback travel is to make our luggage work hard for us, and when there’s riding gear taking up precious space and weight, […]


Don’t Leave Home Without… a Sleeping Bag Liner

As a lover of the outdoors, I can’t think of anything more luxurious than the lingering beauty of an evening sky, or the dancing colours and camaraderie of a campfire. But sleeping in a tent or under the stars can come with some tricky comfort challenges not found in a deluxe five-star lodge. Let’s just […]

sport bra for horse riding

Be Still my Aching Boobs! Best Bras for Horse Riding

Our Globetrotting horse riding holidays are an adventure of the senses. From the tantalising tastes of regional food and wine on our Margaret River Ride in Australia, to the rush of adrenaline and wind in your hair on top of an Andean mountain on The Patagonia Trail, Argentina, it’s all about feeling good. But for […]

credit cards

Don’t Leave Home Without… a Cash Card

If you’re travelling out of your home country for a holiday, it’s always a good idea to take a travel money card for your everyday transactions and cash withdrawals. The main benefit of travel money cards (also called cash cards, cash passports or currency cards) is that they are not directly connected to your bank account. […]