Meet a Globetrotter: Sally Boardman

In August this year, Sally Boardman traversed the steppes, valleys and mountains of Mongolia from the back of a tough little Mongol horse. If you want to learn more about this ride and the incredible kinds of people who are drawn to it, read on! What is your day job? I am an agricultural scientist. […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Margie Baldock

Margie Baldock fell in love with horses as a child but wasn’t able to pursue her passion until later in life. Now she’s making up for lost time, riding as much as she can, getting into polo and planning as many Globetrotting trips as her schedule allows! With three already under her belt, read on […]


Meet a Globetrotter: Kat Spencer

Kat Spencer has been a horse lover her whole life, and she recently embarked on her very first horse riding holiday. Not one to do things by halves, Kat signed up for our exploratory ride in Iceland, an epic adventure that saw her ride with a herd of horses across Iceland’s dramatic and changeable wilderness. […]