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One, two, three, four, five, six – six purple bruises dotted on my legs and arms after the weekend’s triumphs. I’m currently walking like a 90-year-old hunch-back, limping with a sore leg and moaning in pain when bending down to pick up Finn. After two days of polo my body is absolutely destroyed. Clearly I’m not match-fit. We had a good weekend down at Beudesert, I was really happy with all three of my horse’s performance considering it was their first tournament back for two years.


As for me, I’m extremely rusty on the field, losing concentration, forgetting where a number one should position themselves, missing the ball. All over the place really. I had some good cracks at the ball but the entire weekend left me feeling like a amateur and I’ve got A LOT to learn and a bucket load of practise if I want to improve. Our team got absolutely smashed on both days. Not surprising since we played two teams hailing from the Darling Downs who are made up of members that have been playing together for years. It was the first time our team had played together and on both days our first chukka was our strongest and then the game slipped away after that.


The weather was dim on Saturday so I didn’t bother pulling out the camera. I had to share the above pic. Steven took it when I was feeding Finn spaghetti on the back of the ute while Tilly watched on. On Sunday cheeky pops amused herself under the careful watch of her papa, finding much delight in climbing up and down the grandstand seating.

I would love to hear your comments on balancing your love of horse riding and being a mother. It goes without saying that being a mother comes first, I’m extremely fortunate to have a wonderful husband who is happy to forsake weekends of surfing to look after Finn while I chase a white ball around the field. How about you?

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