Feedback for 'Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia' Ride

Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Anni Conn

‘This ride was SOOOOO great! We had a truly fantastic time. I could write an essay about how good it was and why, how safe and professional Jen and Jeremy are, how utterly outstanding their horses are (I rode Gem, who was just delightful and a real sweetie) and how beautiful and exhilarating the rides were. Quite simply, everything was perfect and I have nothing to report other than that the trip matched my expectations (which were extremely high!) and I can’t wait to go again! You girls (and guys) at Globetrotting are so fantastically thorough and helpful and provide a spot-on, five star service from start to finish, so everything was easy from go to whoa. A bit too easy, I think, as now the sky is the limit as to where I go next with Globetrotting!’

Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Jane Pink

‘The Tassie ride was a very special and emotional one for me, as I sadly lost my best friend and soul mate Maccy (Moo Bear) three weeks prior. It was the most difficult time saying goodbye to the most loving and forgiving horse.
The weather in Tassie was all over the place, but I loved every second. My faithful steed was Moonlight, nicknamed Moo. We connected straight away and she was absolutely gorgeous. Our hosts Jeremy, Jen and Matilda were so kind, caring and understanding. They treated us like family and made us feel so confident and relaxed. The rides were spectacular, especially going on the beach and having the freedom to just relax and enjoy such beauty… I couldn’t stop smiling and just feeling at peace.
I’m so looking forward to my next ride and hopefully heading back to Tassie. I want to thank you all so much for these rides – they have made an enormous impact on my life and I will continue to spread my wings.’

Tassie Tiger Trail, Tasmania, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Ava Pellizzari

‘Nothing is too much trouble on this ride. Jeremy and Jen’s hospitality is exemplary. The scenery is beautiful. I loved the accommodation. All meals and catering were superb – especially eating the most amazing oysters, straight off the rocks, after our beach ride. Above and beyond any oyster I’ve ever tasted!
The horses are certainly well educated in their chosen environment, well behaved and responsive. I thought the way Jeremy showed us how to understand our horse and vice versa on the ground before getting on their backs was extremely important. Then having us do the obstacle course together was terrific, so much fun! I rode the lovely Ruby. What a horse, very easy to manage. I think everyone who rides Ruby wants to take her home.
If you like good food and wine, go to Tasmania.’

Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Cassie Rowe

‘I had the time of my life! Firstly, I have never met more beautiful people than Jen and Jeremy. I was blown away by how warm and friendly they are, not to mention how incredible they were at teaching us how to be natural horsemen! Their skills are evident and they have a clear bond with the horses. I was lucky enough to have Piccolo, who was a stunner and lots of fun, and I’m having such withdrawals – I have literally thought of nothing else since returning home other than how I can get back there! The scenery was breathtaking every day, and we did such interesting rides, like nothing I have done before. We all loved the accommodation with Theresa – she was just lovely, and the food was delicious!
The group I went with felt like family after five days together. We have stayed in touch after our shared experience and I look forward to doing another trip again soon. I can’t speak highly enough of this ride!’

Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Kim Boast

‘OMG it was heaven!
What was best, you ask?
Beautifully trained horses – I LOVED learning the art of natural horsemanship, then putting our skills to test through the obstacle course! My horse, Piccolo, took it all in his stride – what a champ.
The Tassie food trail – strawberries, cheese, salmon, chocolate, honey & wine – what more could you want but the most awesome beach ride finished up with freshly shucked oysters!
The mountain ride with the most incredible views, topped off by a wedge-tailed eagle appearing out of the scrub right in front of us – what a majestic creature, and how lucky were we!
The beautiful old bush tracks, visiting McLachlan Studios – stunning handmade jewellery and sculptures.
I simply cannot choose, as every day was different and just as awesome! Riding in pouring rain didn’t even put a dent in it – it was all so much fun. Jen and Jeremy worked hard to make our whole experience interesting, exciting, fun, relaxed, pampered and truly Tasmanian.
I cannot wait for my next adventure with Globetrotting – you really know how to put a horse riding holiday with all the bells and whistles together!’

Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Susanna Brown

‘Another brilliant five days of riding with Jen and Jeremy and their A team of happy horses. I rode Moo, and she was great – responsive and energetic. And on the last day I had the chance to ride Jabberwocky, who I rode on the Grape Horse Adventure earlier this year. Jeremy and Jen were again incredibly patient, cheerful, helpful, and generous with us as guests in their home, and provided wonderful meals. The variety in this ride is a standout, from secret narrow trails through native forest, wide tracks through farmland, the long stretch of pristine beach at Narawntapu National Park, and climbing up the steep rocky scree to the summit of the Great Western Tiers to the most amazing view. Great food, great conversation, great companions. Just do it!’

Simone Lockhart

“We loved every second of the Tassie Tiger Trail and I fell totally in love with my super handsome purebred Arab, Colty. The highlight of the trip for us was the beach ride. There is nothing more exhilarating than cantering along a beach with windswept hair (and a windswept mane!) tasting the salty spray of the waves as hooves pound through the water. Thanks to Jeremy and Jen for going out of their way to make the trip so incredible. It was truly ‘h-awesome’.”

The Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Deborah Steele

‘The Tassie Tiger Trail is the perfect way to get back in the saddle for people who have not done much horse riding in recent years. Over five days you establish a rapport with your horse and build up your confidence while also enjoying the beautiful scenery of northern Tasmania and some great foodie experiences. The horses are highly trained and highly responsive. The hosts – Jeremy and Jen – are former endurance riders and two of the nicest people you would meet anywhere. Their enthusiasm, positivity and sense of humour were contagious and gave everyone a sense of joie de vivre.’

Tassie Tiger Trail, Australia - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Fiona Logan

‘I had the most amazing time on the Tassie Tiger Trail. Jeremy and Jen left no stone unturned, from selecting our horses and making sure we all understood how to control and enjoy them to feeding us and showing us the best time. I would highly recommend this ride to all levels of riders. I absolutely adored my horse Ruby – I so wish I could have taken her home. I would go back in a heartbeat.’

Melissa Mudge

‘This is the most amazing way to experience Tasmania on well trained, beautiful horses. I would recommend it to anyone who loves horses and exploring. The hosts, Jen and Jeremy, are the loveliest couple I have ever met. They perfectly matched me with Moo, who was one of the most soft and responsive horses I have ever ridden. I had the time of my life and hope to join Jen, Jeremy and Moo on the Grape Horse Adventure in the future.’

Shellie Conway

‘Jen and Jeremy are delightful! Their love and joy for horses and what they do is obvious and contagious. Knowledgeable, caring and always mindful of safety for horses and riders, they ensured we had the best experience of natural horsemanship, the Tasmanian landscape and hospitality. My horse, Mr Squiggle, was a true gentleman. Beautiful, well mannered, gentle, and exceptionally well trained. As an endurance horse, he was more than up to the task – forward moving and fun to ride. The weather was sensational! Clear skies and warmer than expected. The scenery was stunning, as was the village of Deloraine where we stayed. I met a bunch of fabulous women and as a group we bonded easily. Climbing the Western Tiers, riding along the coastline and visiting the many artisanal food and craft businesses were just some of the highlights. Thank you Jen and Jeremy and thank you Globetrotting. I’ll be booking my next ride very soon!’

Tassie Tiger Trail - Globetrotting horse riding holidays

Robyn Annand

‘This was our first Globetrotting experience and it couldn’t have been better. Jen and Jeremy made us all so welcome and our horses were so well trained and sure-footed. We felt 100% safe whether we were familiarising ourselves with our horses on the obstacle course, riding up and down steep hills, through the bush or along the beautiful beach. We fell in love with our horses, Ruby and Opal, and would have brought them home in a heartbeat if Jen and Jeremy would have parted with them! Our hostess at Bonny’s Inn, Teresa, was lovely. She made everyone feel like one big happy family and was so accommodating. All our meals – at the B&B, the restaurants and at Jen and Jeremy’s – were fabulous. We couldn’t have wished for better. We will be back!’

Rebecca Clemmey

‘I really loved building a connection and understanding with my horse over the trip, starting with the obstacle course and daily groundwork, and culminating with flying down the beach.’

Jo Booth

“What an amazing way to see beautiful Tasmania; through a pair of beautiful Arab ears!”

Kathleen Barker

“Riding the sweet and sure-footed ‘Twinkle’ along bush trails, beaches and in forests full of ferns and purple thistles were highlights!”

Anne-Marie Stewart

“Every day was absolutely unreal!”

Maria Thygesen

“It was fabulous: location, hosts, accommodation and food and lucked out with an amazing group of riders, all women!”

Katja Gordon

“Jenny and Jeremy are lovely and extremely knowledgeable!”

David Moffat

“Each day added to the whole experience. The lessons on horse handling were the highlight!”

Angela Gazey

“Jen and Jeremy were amazing guides!”

Margie Baldock

“This ride is sensational!”

Irina Lerner

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was the most amazing holiday I’ve been on!”

Charlotte Shields

“Moonlight is the best horse I have ever ridden – like a butterfly to ride!”

Erin Mclachlan

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was the highlight of our year!”

Mel and Darren Pugh

“We really looked forward to this holiday and it lived up to all expectations!”

Bernadette Kelly

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was a truly first class experience!”

Lauren Calleja

“It was a terrific ride and a great way to explore Tassie!”

Helen Adams

“Every day was a stand-out!”

Jenn de Carvalho

“This was the ride of a lifetime!”

Jennifer Wray

“Beach day was great – the freedom of a smaller group really added to it, but all the days were good.”

Celia Campbell

“The Tassie Tiger Trail has got to be the best ride out there! Jen and Jeremy and their team of horses were an absolute pleasure to spend time with.”

Jo Mitchell

“Beautifully trained horses, knowledgeable and good humoured guides, and amazing scenery.”

Helen Smyth

“A relaxed, fun, adventurous, fulfilling experience I most highly recommend.”

Dawn Luscombe

“It was a fabulous experience, making life-long memories and worth every cent!”

Anna Blackley

“Jen and Jeremy were fabulous. They take immaculate care of their animals.”

Cathrina Read

“It was such a pleasure to ride with Jeremy and Jen’s horses.”

Sasha Webb Ware

“The horses were a privilege to ride & really made the trip a success on every level.”

Gay Leske

“It surpassed all expectations and as a single traveller this is definitely the way to see Australia and the world for that matter.”

Rosie Stroud

“A fantastic week exploring Tasmania on beautiful endurance horses. The scenery was beautiful, and Jen and Jeremy were wonderful guides.”

Tiffany Gale

“You fall in love with the horses, gain trust quickly, see stunning untouched Australian scenery and are looked after the moment you arrive.”

Stacy Etheridge

“Jen and Jeremy were so welcoming, friendly and helpful. We were all made to feel like part of the family.”

Kim Bourke

“Having the chance to experience natural horsemanship and to experience a soft, responsive horse, no bit involved, was amazing.”

Laura White

“Best holiday ever!”

Meredith White

“An uplifting adventure on great horses with delicious food, fun guides and breathtaking scenery.”

Kay Bracken

“Everything about it was just really so wonderful – Jen and Jeremy were such wonderful hosts.”

Kate Fox

“The beach day was the best experience of my life. It was beautiful and was the best memory I will carry with me forever.”

Kim Brewer

“I would love to go again one day!”

Meredith Bull

“I rode Old Man Diesel. He was a terrific steady fella so I enjoyed riding him. And I had the softest saddle in the world.”

Cindie Hughes

“This experience suits all types of riders, so if you have never ridden before, don’t worry – you will feel safe.”

Emma Roberson

“Jen and Jeremy were incredible. They know their horses and land and are very passionate about both.”

Fanny Michaud

‘I enjoyed every second of it, couldn’t stop smiling nor stop being mesmerised by the spectacular views. Be ready for 5 magical days!!’

Helen Xue

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was an absolute treat. You will be blown away by the hosts’ impeccable hospitality, the gourmet meals and the stunning landscape of the Apple Isle.”

globetrotting client

Lucinda Murray

“The Tassie trip was FANTASTIC!! I had such a great time. The horse I rode was Derby – he was such a great horse, he really took care of me and all the horses were really well taken care of.”

Rachel Bridger

“A fabulous few days: delightful hosts, beautiful horses, interesting rides, gorgeous scenery and yummy food. Even the weather was kind. All over too soon.”

Sarah Coleman

“It really was an amazing holiday/challenge! For me, a little bit life changing I would say! Jen and Jeremy were just the loveliest people. So I got a chance to re-live a childhood dream in a way, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do it.”

Janet Lehmann

“Sal and I had a wonderful holiday. Jen and Jeremy are great hosts and the horses were a pleasure to ride. Riding in the cool of Tassie was very different from our hills and spinifex.”

Julie Kerr

“We experienced on our Tassie ride everything from blue sky beach riding to
snow blizzards at the top of the mountain ranges. Jen, Jeremy and their
amazing horses made sure our adventure was more than we could ever have

Ian & Allanah Powell

“Jenny and Jeremy were the perfect hosts and welcomed us at Gem Farm like family.  They were so intuitive and had our trusty steeds matched to us perfectly.”

Lisa Murnane

“My ride was fabulous. My horse Ruby was matched perfectly to me. Jen and Jeremy were fabulous hosts. I found the natural horsemanship method particularly interesting.”

Jill Gibson

“Jen and Jeremy are great people – they made me feel very welcome, the food was to die for and plentiful. I love their house and property, the horses are great and I’ve ridden many horses on different adventure rides.”

Monika Heim

“Jenny and Jeremy are very passionate about their horses and are equally passionate about ensuring everyone has a great time. No issue was too small to attend too.”

Melanie MacDonald

“Best horse riding experience ever. Fantastic hosts, smooth organisation, such a variety of riding environments and I learned so much from two truly talented horsemen/women!”

Mark Muller

“Great horses, great people, beautiful food and an amazing environment. Time spent on The Tassie Tiger Trail is time well spent.”

Franziska Pilger

“The Tassie Tiger Trail was just beautiful! Friendly and knowledgeable guides. Healthy, well-trained and reliable horses. I will be back.”

Judy Blackwell

“Had a great time.  Jenny and Jeremy are perfect hosts.  Lovely horses, trails, wine and food plus our excursions with Jenny on the foodie trail.  Definitely keen to do another.”