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Skijordue combines some of the things that I love the most; horse riding, going really fast and CHEESE! Yes, that’s right – this is a cheesy charity event that combines skijoring and fondue into this super brilliant fundraiser! So let’s roll into it!

This event is set in the first weeks of February and is based at the Calgary Polo Club in Canada where the snow is thick on a flat surface of the polo field; perfect for flat races, relays and jumps at fast paces! The charity fundraiser last year (2017) brought around 700 people to watch the skiers being pit against each other while being pulled by fast and sturdy horses with their riders. These teams would speed race and show off their horsemanship as well as have a bunch of fun. There is even a ‘cheese wedge’ (a yellow coloured snow jump wedge to look like cheese!) jump for the skiers to jump as they are pulled at 65km/h!

By combining the Norwegian racing style with the western riders of Canada, the event takes on a whole new meaning and the team works together! And of course, with the cold, the gooey fondue just makes it perfect for the riders and spectators!

Sounds like this cheesy fundraiser is grate fun! Wouldn’t this be a gouda event to see or even participate?

Reference: CBC News

Image credit: Okotoks Western Wheel

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