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while you are sleeping

We’re at the tail end of our 12 day trip to Canada where we road tested a seven day ride in the remote Canadian wilderness. Buster and I are currently sitting at a airport lounge in the shabby Los Angeles International Airport waiting for our direct flight home to Brisbane. I’ll divulge all and more […]


Prepping for your Globetrotting Holiday with Ride iQ: Audio Horseback Lessons!

Hello beautiful globetrotters, I want to introduce you to something that’s making waves in the equestrian world.  Ride iQ, – your new riding buddy that brings the knowledge of top equestrian coaches right to your ears! What is Ride iQ? So, what’s the lowdown? Ride iQ, is a mobile app serving up on-demand audio lessons […]


There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!

There’s a cherished mantra we swear by here at Globetrotting HQ: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear!” As the unpredictable becomes the norm in weather forecasts, this guide is your trusted ally when rain clouds threaten your Globetrotting adventure.  No need to hit the panic button—we’ve got your back. Riding and […]

guided horse riding holiday argentina

The ultimate packing list for a horse riding holiday

Over the years I’ve honed my packing to a fine art. A lot of my globetrotting clients ask for my advice on what to pack and even though each client is given a detailed packing list, I thought I would share a suggested list with you all. Obviously it depends on the country and the […]


the land of maple syrup, grizzly bears and wild salmon

I’ve got a guilty confession to make. We’re heading off to Canada as of next Friday, August 30 for a whirlwind ten day trip to Canada. The guilty part of this confession is we’re leaving our gorgeous little globetrotter behind in the safe hands of Popcorn (my Dad) and Meme (my mother).  Two weeks without […]