Tassie Tiger Trail – part 2

In the spotlight

Drum roll please. I’ve finally finished the video of our trip to Tasmania where we road tested the 5 day, 4 night Tassie Tiger Trail. This blog post follows on from Part 1 which you can view here. You’ll see throughout the video the juggle of Buster and I with Finn who was just under 6 months when we took her to the Apple Isle. My gorgeous husband acted as daddy day-care, chief go-pro filmer and photographer. Is there nothing this man can’t do!

We LOVED our stay down in Tassie and our hosts, Jen Clingly and Jeremy Ford, made us feel at home with a crackling fire and red wine to greet us each night, bright and sparky horses and spectacular scenery. The next departure date is October 31 and we’ve already got four people booked – woohoo!  And why wouldn’t you when you’ve got smiley hosts, exceptional endurance horses, gourmet food and vivid scenery.

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