Tentpegging- A History

Backward Glance

Tent pegging is a high adrenaline sport that many people around the world participate in. The game originated from a military exercise of ancient origins and is one of the few equestrian sports that is recognised by the FEI. Tentpegging is a mounted game where people gallop at a series of ground targets holding a ‘spear’.

The game had very gruesome beginnings during times of war when mounted soldiers would ride through an enemy camp to remove the pegs on the tents with the tips of their spears. Foot soldiers would follow and attack the enemy as they tried to escape from their tents and therefore the name ‘tentpegging’ was given to the practice. The Australian Light Horse Brigade used the tentpegging as a training exercise during World War One and have been demonstrating the historic move as far back as the 1930’s. Tent pegging has been played as a gymkhana sport since then.

The game can be played in numerous ways including by yourself, in teams of two or four with either lances, swords or rings and a peg. The variations are all a blast to play and require excellent horsemanship skills and amazing hand and eye coordination to hit the target at top speed!

So who wants to have a go of this adrenaline-filled sport?

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Image credit: Arabian Horse Travel and The Inverell Times

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