Ashley Marr - Horse Riding Holidays and Safaris

Ashley Marr

‘From cantering through snow covered fields, to seeing grizzly bears roaming, to eating the most amazing food and wandering through the one of the most beautiful parts of the world… this holiday was breathtaking!
I was blown away with all the horses – I have never seen trail horses so calm and responsive. I rode Austin and I absolutely loved him. On the long cantering stretches, it was amazing to see that the horses weren’t even interested in racing; it was easy to keep in a single file line and they didn’t get at all funny or fizzy. Our guide Louise certainly knew her stuff and she was amazing with horses.
The food!! OMG! Gary was amazing and made the most delicious meals. I was shocked that we could eat so well in the middle of nowhere.
My favourite experience of all was the rollercoaster track. Words cannot describe!’

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