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Bernadette Mandrakas

‘This ride is a bucket list must. The horses were amazing and obviously well cared for, as they were in such good condition. Blacky was the bomb – I loved him to bits and still think of him. The food was as good as any restaurant meal. We couldn’t wait for each meal to see how spoilt we were. Our guides were amazing. They knew exactly what sort of rider each individual was and catered for us perfectly everyday. Their description of the countryside and the stories they told were unforgettable. I honestly couldn’t say enough about this ride, the people we met, the food, horses, guides – it was all just way beyond our expectations. Looking back, I cant believe it was so cheap. The time and effort put in by all the staff from before we arrived til after we all left was amazing. Not to mention the year-round care of the beautiful horses! We will definitely do another trip with Christian, Laura and their team.

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