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‘This ride was endless fun. We were blessed to encounter a lively group riders who were all happy to enjoy a laugh. The scenery on was sublime and jaw-dropping, and having the ability to trot, canter and occasionally gallop through the French countryside was a real privilege. The wine tasting was lovely – we learned a lot and were introduced to delicious wines that we were able to enjoy over generous and yummy meals. The accommodation was varied and gave us the chance to interact with locals and experience a slice of their lives. Most remarkable of all were the horses. My horse, Qasino, was the most gentle-natured, willing Thoroughbred you could hope to meet. He did not put a hoof wrong and I felt he really enjoyed the journey as much as I did. He also liked to lead the pack when given the chance and was bulletproof to dogs and other noises we’d encounter on the road. Qasino stole my heart… he’s really a kind hearted horse and if you have the pleasure of riding him you will have a brilliant week.’

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