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Carolyn Ross

‘My thoughts are, save the best ’til last. The Glenorchy and Twin Coast rides were fantastic in their own special ways, but if you’re thinking of doing all three of Globetrotting’s New Zealand rides, then save River Valley for last. We spent many, many hours in the saddle with just the right amount of stops, either for a yummy lunch, a snack or a photo. Outside of riding time we were totally entertained, be it a swim in the river (we swam the horses too), a spa, a sauna, a marae visit, white water rafting – to name a few. We met the local community and had a great, relaxing horsey holiday. The scenery and wildlife were fantastic and the guides were awesome. The lodges were well equipped with all the creature comforts, and a beautiful river to swim in a stone’s throw away. The horses are bitless, barefoot and happy, which adds a new dimension to your ride. My horse Shamrock was very handsome and very confident in his own abilities. You could take him anywhere. The more riding experience you have, the more you’ll get out of this holiday.’

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