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Chantelle Cox

‘Tiff and her family truly went above and beyond to make Tyson’s birthday memorable. They welcomed us with open arms and really spoiled us.
The intimacy of this boutique ride really allowed us to get to know our ride buddies on a personal level. We were so lucky to meet two others riders of similar age and interests that we absolutely hit it off with. It was quite a unique experience to find like-minded adventure buddies who we hope to continue wonderful friendships with.
The philosophy of riding bitless and barefoot spoke to us on a very deep level, and it was clear that Tiff really put her heart and soul into training her horses. Shiloh and Flick were so responsive and in tune with Tyson and I, and each horse had a unique, affectionate character. It was clear that they were all deeply loved family members and their welfare was prioritised above all else.
We had plenty of kick-ass runs, beautiful weather and incredible company. If you are thinking of doing The Shoalhaven Ride, stop thinking about it and just bloody book it!’

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