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Christine Kerr

‘What a wonderful five days we had with Jen, Jeremy and Roz. We were so spoiled to have a whole ride to ourselves, as we were eight riders, all friends. We chose this ride to celebrate our wonderful friend Jude’s 85th birthday. We had the most fantastic time, travelling through the amazing forest, vineyards, steep hilly country and fire trails through the bush areas. Jeremy and Roz were our guides while on horseback and nothing was ever a problem. The horses were wonderful, all endurance trained, so responsive and forward. Everyone was suited well to their horse. I rode the beautiful, grey mare, Moonlight (Moo), a sensitive little lady. Off the horse, Jen looked after us so well. Our horses were all ready for us every morning, lunch brought out to us on the days we didn’t stop near civilisation, and then at the end of every day, Jen was there to greet us and help put the horses to bed.’

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