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Claire D

‘Hardcore is one word. Epic is another. Though words won’t do justice to describe the experience of riding in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on the Kananaskis Longrider. We were expertly guided through the toughest terrain I have ever seen a horse navigate, covering 230km in 8 days. Noah, my 16.1hh, dinner plate hoofed Percheron X, boss-man buddy took such great care of me, not once missing a step. What a privilege it was to be paired with him. Every day was a unique ride with its own challenges and beauty, conversations, and laughs. I dunked myself in the glacial rivers, which were somewhere in the vicinity of 8 degrees, and saw lots of fresh signs of wildlife, including grizzly bear paw prints, a beaver dam, and a million squirrels. We marvelled at the scale of the mountains; at a small pass near a fire road, surrounded by peaks, we were informed that we were at the same elevation as the summit of Mount Kosciuszko! I have always dreamed of riding the Rockies, but the tick in that bucket list box is insignificant in comparison to the feeling of accomplishment I have for the incredible adventure that I have just experienced. When I arrived back in town, at the Calgary Stampede, an 80-year-old competitor said something that resonated with me: “Get a horse, get outside, and get on it.” There’s no better way.’

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