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Claudia Harley

‘What can I say? This is a ride where you want for nothing. The horses are smart, kind and trustworthy. The guides are charismatic, knowledgeable and a bunch of fun. My sister and I booked on the six-day ride and fled Sydney just as it spun into lockdown. Six days without reception was bliss, taking in the sights – Saddleback Lookout, Moonshine Gorge, Zebedee Springs – with a full cohort of riders. The scenery had you in awe, the yarns had you in disbelief and the mouth-watering food had you full. I rode two horses: Trixie and Blue. They were wonderful horses and I had full faith in them both, no matter the speed or terrain.
The ride was so great that when we got back to ‘civilisation’ and found out Sydney was going downhill, we did a U-turn and jumped on the Special Edition Kimberley Ride.
Both rides offer amazing scenery, comfortable campsites and high quality food. You get much longer in the saddle on the regular Kimberley Ride, so if I had to pick, this would be my favourite.’

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