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Erin Harriott

‘An adventure like no other. Within the first hour on the horses we had seen elephant, hippo, impala, kudu, zebra, wildebeest and buffalo. It took three days to see giraffe, and then we found four of them hanging out with a big herd of zebra. It wasn’t long before we were cantering beside them!!
There were so many magical moments on the ride. Our horses were beautiful, and perfectly matched. The staff permanently smile, and no request is to hard for them. The food was delicious and the tents well cared for. We especially loved our night spent literally under the stars on a platform set in the trees. It was a magical evening, topped with lion sightings and a leopard curiously stalking the camp. The morning that ensued saw us encounter four lioness on the hunt!
The only thing that trumped guest satisfaction was guest safety. I can firmly say the experience and knowledge of the guides, camp managers and horse grooms meant we were never in harm’s way.’

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