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Francie Wilson

‘If you’re interested in spectacular scenery and the chance to see some amazing wildlife, the British Columbia ride is perfect. The climb up to the top of the mountain overlooking Chilko Lake is especially spectacular. Though this is mountainous terrain and much of the ride involves negotiating narrow trails at a walk, there are some fast canters that are not for the faint hearted!
The horses were great, fit and healthy. My horse, Koda, was delightful, very perky and forward-moving. I’d have to say, this is the friendliest herd of horses I’ve ever seen!
Our guide, Tasch, was a very knowledgeable horsewoman. Our cabin was great, with beautiful views of the river, and the lodge is also fantastic, with an awesome porch where you can relax before breakfast and at the end of the day. The food was plentiful and delicious, and I especially loved the snacks served during the cocktail hour – and the hot chocolate! One unique thing about this lodge, which we ended up really enjoying, was the opportunity to meet some fly fishermen… those guys were great! We met some really fun and fascinating people on this trip. Looking at our pictures, we’re missing it already!’

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