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Harli Dollinger

‘This was the second time my sister and I did the Scottish Borders Ride, and they were both amazing experiences. We stayed at Cringletie House, an absolutely lovely hotel with great food and staff catering to your every need. Scotland is so beautiful, and the people are friendly and giving. I just love them! But you want to know about the horses and the rides, right? Susy and Gemma have the horses so well trained; they are a pleasure to ride. I rode several horses but fell in love with Adonis! I had the best time riding him on Dunbar Beach and again on our ride around Jedburgh. He was big and smooth and never put a foot out of place. The group of riders on this trip were great, too! They were interesting, kind, friendly, and funny – truly enjoyable to be around. It really is the trip of a lifetime.’

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