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Honor Cochrane

‘I booked this trip on a whim and went by myself and it’s honestly one of the best things I have ever done! Andrew and his team are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet and they make you feel instantly at home. The accommodation is cosy and comfy with the most stunning views, and showering on top of a mountain with a view of the countryside is something everyone should try!
I rode Turbo and I’ve never felt more safe on a horse I had just met. Andrew was a fantastic teacher and explained how best to ride and communicate with his horses, which made things a whole lot smoother for both me and Turbo.
All three days were unique and wonderful. We had the most incredible weather for the beach day and getting to ride bareback into the surf is something I won’t forget in hurry! Riding to the pub and cantering around the countryside with a group of amazing people was so much fun, but learning how to work with cattle was definitely my favourite part. Andrew broke everything down into easy to understand steps and in no time at all we were wrangling baby cows like it was no big deal (or so we thought!).
Three days flew by and I loved it so much that I’ve already decided to come back and do the five day adventure. I can’t recommend this ride enough!’

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