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Hope T

‘The XC in Tipperary ride shattered all expectations. The hosts were so attentive, accommodating, and entertaining to spend the week with. The house itself was full of character and was gorgeous. We were always greeted with warm good mornings at breakfast and fun banter at dinner. The food was delicious and I will be dreaming about their desserts for weeks/months/years to come! The coaches were amazing with regards to their hospitality, knowledge, sincerity and care for both the riders and the horses.  I had the honour and privilege of riding Seamus, affectionately known as Seamus the Famous. He was a textbook gentle giant. While I was nervous in the early stages of the trip due to his size and forwardness, but my confidence quickly soared. I got to increase both the height and quantity of jumps completed in each outing, incorporate different types of jumps, and faced some of my greatest fears. I left each day with a smile and a sense of accomplishment that has not been matched with any other horse, lesson, or vacation. Mark has a knack for pairing riders and horses, encouraging focusing on energy and enthusiasm rather than worrying about technique, and creating an environment full of support and genuine excitement. I could not recommend this holiday enough!’

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