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Jennifer Colditz

‘It couldn’t possibly get any better than this! From beach riding to cattle work, the week was filled with plenty of moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Andrew, Dean and Kelly’s combined knowledge of horses, cattle, riding and mustering is expansive and, coupled with the jaw-dropping scenery, will forever be cherished.
Shaun the Chef was brilliant! From the mouthwatering prawns on the first night to the best ribs I have ever eaten to the fish ‘n’ chips, there was no meal that wasn’t perfection. A few of us hoped to bring Shaun home with us!
The accommodation was out of this world. Glamping at its finest! I wasn’t sure what to expect and was surprised to find carpets, chairs, beds, etc. There was no problem sharing with another person as the tents were so spacious.
I rode the beautiful, kind and intelligent Dolly. She made me feel so secure and safe. I am still in awe of how much she has taught me about my riding and my confidence.
The experience bonds everyone together and you make Globetrotting friends for life. I’m already planning upcoming rides with them! I can’t wait to get back out to the property to learn more and ride Andrew’s beautiful horses again.’

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